Regional Policies & Public Information

Our Regional & Denver Schools Policies include:

Grievance Procedures

Grievance Policy for Parent and Community Concerns

The KIPP Colorado Schools Board of Directors (Board) will respond to all parent and community concerns. The first step in our grievance process is to bring the grievance to the party with whom there is a disagreement. The escalation of grievances is as follows:

At any given time, an individual or a group may bring grievances to the Board for any reason. Such grievances will be submitted to the Board Chair at least one week prior to the next Board meeting. Grievances submitted later will be addressed at the subsequent meeting of the Board. Emergency issues will be dealt with on an as-needed basis, with the Board responding at or prior to its next regular public meeting. Every effort will be made to respectfully address each matter to the satisfaction of the individual or group that presented the grievance. The Board, as necessary, shall direct the Chief Executive Officer (and in turn, the school leader or other responsible party) to act upon the grievance and report to the Board. The Board shall, as necessary, render a determination in writing. Any appropriate documents will be made available to the person filing the grievance.

Title IX Grievance Process

Colorado Open Records Act

KIPP Colorado Schools
Colorado Open Records Act Policy

This policy applies to all requests, submitted pursuant to C.R.S § 24-72-201 et seq., to inspect public records in the custody or control of KIPP Colorado Schools (KCS). KCS is committed to the guiding principles of openness, transparency, accountability, and responsiveness. This policy is intended to balance the demands of the Colorado Open Records Act and KCS’s obligations as a public school district within the State of Colorado.

Requirements for requesting to inspect public records for KCS:

  1. All requests to inspect public records must be submitted in writing to the official custodian of KCS, the Chief Operating Officer, Alice Sheehan, at Requests made to any person other than the proper custodian will not be accepted.
  2. Requests may be mailed or sent via email. The date the request is received by the custodian will constitute the “date of receipt”. Requests may be made via electronic mail and the custodian will attempt to acknowledge electronic mail regularly; however, it is the acknowledgement of the request that will begin the deadline under Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) as electronic mail is not always received regularly.
  3. All requests for records must be specific as to the records sought and the relevant dates. Requests for correspondence must identify the parties to the correspondence. For any request that is vague or broadly stated, the custodian may require the requestor to provide a more specific request.
  4. If a requestor is unable to identify the specific document(s) sought, the requestor is encouraged to contact the relevant custodian in advance of submitting a request for assistance in providing the requisite specificity.
  5. There are several categories of information that are protected by State and Federal law. These categories of information will not be disclosed.
  6. KCS is not required by the CORA to construct or create a record that does not exist. Nor is KCS required to manipulate or analyze information in a new way in order to respond to a request.
  7. Time for response to records request shall be as follows:
    1. The normal time for production shall be three (3) working days; beginning on the first business day after the request is received.
    2. Such period may extended upon determination by the custodian that extenuating circumstances exists. Such period of extension shall not normally exceed seven (7) working days. The requestor shall be notified of the extension within the three-day period.
  8. Request to inspect records will not take priority over the regular work activities of KCS employees.
  9. Charges for copies of requested documents shall be as follows:
    1. The normal cost for requested documents shall be $0.25 per page or, for documents in non-standard formats, the actual duplication costs.
    2. The custodian may charge a research and retrieval fee based on the actual cost of responding to the request; provided, however that the hourly rate for employees time is $30 per hour and there shall be no charge for the first hour of employee time. If the custodian charges research and retrieval fees under this paragraph, copying shall be charged at a rate of $0.15 per page.
    3. Payment must be received prior to the requestor receiving copies.
  10. If charges are expected to exceed $25.00, the custodian will provide the requestor with an estimate of the cost of responding prior to responding and may require a deposit. If the requestor wishes to proceed once receiving an estimate, he or she must respond in writing. By responding in writing, the requestor agrees to pay all fees associated with responding to the request. The time between the date of the custodian’s estimate and the receipt by the custodian of a written response to proceed will not be counted against the time period set forth above.

If a requestor wishes to inspect available records in advance of receiving copies, such inspections shall be by appointment only during normal working hours. Such inspections must be supervised by a KCS representative and the requestor may be charged for any employee time exceeding one hour associated with such inspection.

Student Code of Conduct

To find KIPP Colorado Schools Student Code of Conduct, please go to the Schools tab on this website, and choose the school you are seeking. The School Handbook can be found under the “Student & Family Resources” tab, or by visiting the school’s front office.

Title IX

Title IX Team Contact Information

All public inquiries or concerns regarding KIPP Colorado’s Title IX policies, procedures, or compliance should be sent to our Regional Title IX Coordinator.

KIPP Colorado’s Regional Title IX Coordinator is Richelle Moulin-Geisen, Human Capital Manager. Her office is located at 1390 Lawrence St, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80204. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 720-544-3171.

Any person wishing to report knowledge of sex-based discrimination or harassment or submit a formal Title IX complaint involving a KIPP Colorado student, prospective student, or employee is encouraged to first contact the specific school’s Title IX Contact, who will take the initial report and route it to the Title IX Coordinator for review. Such reports or complaints may be submitted directly to the Regional Title IX Coordinator, if preferred.

School-Specific Title IX Contact:

KIPP Sunshine Peak Elementary: Joel Lizardos, Assistant Principal

Email:, Phone: 720-980-4419

KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy: Webster Johnson, Director of Culture

Email:, Phone: 720-498-7153

KIPP Denver Collegiate High School: Phil Munsterman, Director of Culture

Email:, Phone: 720-355-6114

KIPP Northeast Elementary: Amanda Radin, Director of Culture

Email:, Phone: 720-441-7947

KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School:

Dave Vaale, Director of Culture

Email:, Phone: 720-313-1129

KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy:

Nikesha Holliday, Dean of Culture

Email:, Phone: 720-965-7511

Zondra Draper, Dean of Culture & Teacher at Large

Email:, Phone: 720-965-7511

Title IX Training Materials

Title IX Coordinator: Link

School Principals & Investigators: Link

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Title IX Grievance Procedures

Financial Transparency



KIPP Colorado Schools is a network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public charter schools dedicated to preparing students in underserved communities for success in both college and life. KIPP Colorado serves roughly 2,600 students at six schools across Denver, as well as thousands of KIPP Colorado alumni.

Disclaimer: Please consider the context when evaluating financial transactions. Some transactions may appear improper on the surface but are perfectly normal and justifiable when placed in the proper context. We welcome your questions regarding our financial transactions or records. The financial data for KIPP is located within the DPS data file with the following school codes:

  • 4500 – KIPP Northeast Elementary (formerly KIPP Montbello Elementary)
  • 4507 – KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School (formerly KIPP Montbello College Prep)
  • 4509 – KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy (formerly KIPP Montbello Collegiate High School)
  • 4732 – KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy
  • 4730 – KIPP Denver Collegiate High School

The Financial Data File can be found at under the Transparency Website Data report.

Contact Information:
Alice Sheehan, Chief Operating Officer
C: (303) 934-3245

Please click here for financial transparency information and here for school finance information from the Colorado Department of Education.

Please click here for financial transparency information from Denver Public Schools