College, Career, & Beyond Counseling

We believe each student should have boundless opportunities for a future without limits. Our KIPP Forward team provides individualized counseling and support for each KIPPster as they progress through their ideal college or career pathway.

Career Team

By creating a culture of post-secondary success through targeted assistance for KIPP Colorado students and alumni, the KIPP Forward Team effectively serves as a resource by increasing knowledge of college pathways so that students can lead choice-filled lives.

Recent Career Workshops

  • Welding 101
  • Cosmetology 101
  • Cybersecurity Teen Bootcamp
  • Real Estate 101
  • Financial Literacy
  • Electrician 101
  • HVAC & Leasing Field trips
  • Health sciences 101
Career Team
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College Counseling Team

The College Counseling Team creates and delivers a college advising curriculum for juniors and seniors that prepares them for the admissions and financial aid process. The Counseling Team provides individualized support that is tailored to each students’ specific interests and needs to help maximize their potential.


  • Build relationships with students via seminar classes, one on one meetings, and after-school activities.
  • Develop curriculum for students at all levels of college & career interests including early decision.
  • Ensure students complete the college application process including wishlist development, college essay revision, and financial aid document submission.
  • Write letters of recommendation and send out supporting documents to schools.
  • Share opportunities for scholarships and summer programs with students.
  • Coordinate case studies, testing registrations, and college visits.

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