KIPP Colorado’s leaders have a broad array of experience and diverse expertise that spans from education to public policy, biology to jurisprudence, and more. Our leaders are guided by our mission and driven by our vision, that every child grows up free to create the future they want for themselves and their communities.

Executive Leadership Team

Tomi Amos

Chief Executive Officer

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Justin Vigil

Chief of Staff

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Leah Peters

Chief Academic Officer

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Taamiti Bankole

Managing Director of External Affairs

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Alice Sheehan

Chief Operating Officer

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School Leadership Team

Darby West

Principal at KIPP Sunshine Peak Elementary

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Emily Yates

Interim Principal of KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy

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Jess Simpson

Principal at KIPP Denver Collegiate High School

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Liz Dillon

Principal at KIPP Northeast Elementary

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Stephani Olson

Principal at KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School

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Richard Royal

Interim Principal, KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy

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Jenny Fleischman

Director of Development

Rachel Medlock

Director of People

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Aidan Bassett

Director of Early Childhood Education

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Irma Venegas

Director of KIPP Forward

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