Alumni Persistence Program

The Alumni Persistence Team supports our KIPPsters as they navigate through life after high school. We ensure that each student has access to the tools and guidance necessary to persist in a college or career pathway of their choosing.

Alumni Advising

Our Alumni advising team supports a strong transition for every KIPPster to ensure post-secondary success. We ensure that each student is getting the services they need by conducting data deep dives and persistence benchmark surveys to ensure that our transformational coaching approach is data-driven and insight-informed.


  • Provide resources, coaching, and overall support to students who are pursuing any post-secondary pathway.
  • Advise students who are undecided or currently unenrolled.
  • Support students in their employment or internship search.
  • Explore various career pathways to spark interest and inspire choice.
Alumni Advising
student graduating

College Success Team

We support, encourage, and guide college-aged Alumni. This includes helping students to realize their purpose, guide their academic success, navigate financial obstacles, and discover techniques to navigate life after high school with healthy decisions and positive coping mechanisms.


  • Build relationships with KIPP Colorado Alumni to offer guidance and support along their journey.
  • Host relevant programming to ensure student success.
  • Maintain relationships with local colleges and universities to ensure that our students are able to identify and connect with campus resources.

If you are an Alumni seeking post-secondary support, please contact us.

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