What We Do

KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy (KSPA), founded in 2002, is a tuition-free middle school in Southwest Denver serving grades 5 through 8. We are committed to preparing our students with the skills and confidence to live a life of pursuing the paths they choose; college, career, and beyond so they can lead fulfilling lives and create a more just world. We do so in partnership with our families by providing students a joyful, caring, and supportive environment where they can stay true to their own unique identities and authentic self. By fostering a student centered environment that is committed to racial equity and inclusion, all students experience the highest levels of academic, character and social emotional learning.

Our Core Values


We value the humanity of a person over all else. We believe that positive relationships are the foundation of all learning.


We work relentlessly to achieve our goals and constantly push ourselves to get better. We believe that all students can and will achieve at high levels while maintaining positive identities and challenging injustice.


We are a team and family and our work is creating a legacy for generations to come. We hold ourselves and others accountable to living our values, every minute of every day.


We believe our students hold the power to dismantle systems designed to limit them. Through critical thinking, self-awareness, and celebrating one’s identities we are equipped to see our world through multiple perspectives and take action to create a more equitable and just world for ourselves and others.

Collaborative School Committee (CSC)

Parent and staff committee members are elected by their school to participate in quarterly meetings to discuss the school’s priorities, progress, and practices in order to ensure they are inclusive of family, student, and staff voices. School leaders make decisions about their schools with input from their CSC.



Math instruction is offered through a Workshop Model that meets students at their level and integrates that work into the grade-level standards. Students are taught through whole group instruction, small group instruction, collaboration and discourse, mathematical writing, problem-solving and critical thinking.

ELD Social Justice

Our ELD Social Justice class is a dual-purpose block. For emerging bilinguals and designated MLL students, it provides explicit practice Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in the English language in a safe, low-risk environment within the context of social justice. For all students (MLLs and non-MLLs alike), this block serves as a space in which students actively engage in building their critical consciousness and exploring anti-bias standards through culturally relevant texts, structured debates, critical research, and student-driven service projects.

English Language Arts

Our ELA program focuses on teaching students that readers are writers and writers are readers. Through whole group and small group instruction, students become critical thinkers and literate members of society.

Social Studies

Throughout their four years, students learn United States History, World Cultures, and Ancient Civilizations, through a historical responsive literacy lens. Using the Colorado Social Studies and the Reading for Information Text Standards, it is the mission of KSPA to develop the next generation of change-makers who use critical thinking in order to advocate for a more just and equitable world.


KSPA Science classes place heavy emphasis on next generation science standards and investigation skills using a curriculum called Amplify. This curriculum introduces students in each grade level to experimentation in chemistry, earth, life, physical sciences, and engineering, empowering them to think critically like real scientists and engineers.


  • Volleyball – Girls
  • Cross Country – Boys & Girls
  • Soccer – Boys & Girls
  • Basketball – Boys & Girls
  • Baseball – Boys & Girls
  • Track and Field- Boys & Girls

Clubs & Activities

KSPA has had a wide variety of after-school clubs and activities for our KIPPsters to participate in. We create opportunities based on student interest and teacher availability. We will be launching after-school clubs and activities in September once we have gathered scholar input. Stay tuned for updates!