KIPP Denver Collegiate High School, founded in 2009, is a college-preparatory, AP curriculum high school, and our academic program is designed with the goal that our students will graduate and lead lives of choice and opportunity.

In 2021, US News & World Report named KIPP Denver Collegiate High School the third best high school among Denver Public High Schools, 5th among Denver Metro Area high schools, and 8th best high school in Colorado.


Students at KIPP Denver Collegiate High School participate in our AP for All program. As part of this initiative, 100% of our 10th-12th grade students take at least one AP class. All classes from 9th through 12th grade are designed to teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in Advanced Placement courses, which can be used for college credit at many colleges and universities. Students take a variety of elective classes, including creative writing, social justice, drawing and ceramics, theater, choir, and 5 different PE classes.

Clubs & Activities

  • Student Council
  • Leadership Club
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Anime Club
  • Robotics
  • Yearbook
  • Student Board of Education

Family Opportunities


Families meet monthly with the principal at Cafecito. The agenda is family-driven and allows for the KDCHS community to provide input on curriculum needs, staffing, after-school programming, etc. All families are invited to attend these meetings.

Collaborative School Committee (CSC)

Parent and staff committee members are elected by their school to participate in quarterly meetings to discuss the school’s priorities, progress, and practices in order to ensure KDCHS is creating inclusive environments for our families, student, staff and community voices. School leaders make decisions about KDCHS with input from their CSC.