We believe consistent school uniforms are intentional in our school culture, serving five central purposes. We believe uniforms:

  • Promote one team and family
  • Represent a unifying symbol of pride and team
  • Level the playing field for students
  • Provide clarity in expectations for students, families, and staff
  • Minimize distractions in the learning environment
  • Promote a culture of high expectations
Student in uniform

Student Dress Code at KSPA


  • Monday through Friday: Any KSPA polo, KSPA social justice t-shirts, KSPA sweaters, or shirts/sweatshirts from KIPP Colorado schools.
  • Fridays only: College t-shirts/sweatshirts.


  • Monday through Friday: khaki, tan, black (including solid black jeans), or brown bottoms including pants, capris or shorts of an appropriate length. Leggings are not permitted.
  • Fridays only: Jeans are allowed (note: jeans cannot have rips).
  • Shoes: Students must wear close-toed shoes.

Uniforms may be purchased at school.